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" ... I  feel like I can talk confidently now. "

- Oren Gotesman

" Table Topics has given me the skills that are helpful to talk to police officers or CHP whenever I get stopped. "

- Robert Tang 

" I am increasing my skills to work with difficult people. I am comfortable in expressing myself clearly. Both are still a learning process. "

- Debra Gruber

" Toastmasters provided me the opportunity to give back to our club by serving as VPPR from 2019-2020 and win our first Diamond Director award for best club video in District 4. :) "

- James Liberato

" So far, I've learned a lot about structuring speeches and getting to practice speaking has been helpful … Table Topics especially has been helpful for being able to think on my feet. "

- Stacey Chang

" I believe that I've grown to feel more confident when talking in front of others now. I pause more often instead of using filler words, which the club definitely helped with! "

- Oshi Gotesman

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